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The Ultimate Catering Checklist!

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Catering plays an important role in the overall success of an event. Delicious food brings people together and caterers are tasked to prepare the food for the guests to enjoy. But this isn’t just about catering food, but to provide excellent customer service. This means that everything should be properly planned and you should have a catering checklist before every event.

Think of all the steps to be completed and then write them down. Distribute the tasks to each member. To deliver a great event, start your planning by checking your ultimate catering checklist before every event to hold a successful catering event.

Table Settings

An event should have all necessary table settings, including the decorative and functional elements. Giving this your full attention will make the event look stunning and guests will have all their needs to enjoy their meal. Below are some of the things you need for your event:

Service Equipment

Having the right serving equipment is one of the most essential catering supplies you'll need. The right type of equipment makes serving the food and beverages faster among your guests. You’re after classic design with best quality.

High quality Serving trays: Trays will be used to serve the food.

Bus bins: These are tubs that hold dirty dishes and leftovers when the guests are done eating. Several of these are essential to the event.

Water pitchers: Opt for durable pitchers with modern designs. Consider having enough to keep half of your servers serving water as this is one of the major components of an event.

Buffet Equipment

If you’re serving a buffet event, you’ll need to consider a different checklists. Different items need to be included in order for the team to operate and move quickly. Below is the standard checklist in doing a buffet style of event.

Plates. The best choice is a set of unified design plates with strong durability.

Chaffing dishes. This helps warm the food all throughout the event.

Tongs. These are intended for the salad and other difficult scoop items.

Matches or lighter. Intended to start the dish heaters.

Serving baskets. For fruits and other objects.

Rolled silverware. Packed into neat bundles to be grabbed and passed out easily.

Dish cloths. To wipe spills.


When it comes to drinks, it's better if you provide a coffee or beverage station at the event so people can serve themselves whenever they want. Just make sure it is stocked properly at all times. Here’s a simple checklist you might consider.

  • Coffee cups

  • Pitchers (filled with ice)

  • Glasses

  • Ice tubs straws

  • Baskets

  • Napkins

  • Garbage cans


What really stands an event apart from others is the setting. Turmeric 'N More uses flowers to garnish the food to make it look even more delicious and welcome. some call it Navilicious - Chef Navi style.

Contact us to cater your next event.

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