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TURMERIC ‘N MORE is a Seattle-based meal delivery service providing the local community with delicious home-style Indian and Pakistani meals delivered right to their doorstep. At Turmeric ‘n More, we understand the importance of wanting a healthy nutritious meal at the end of a busy day. All of us at Turmeric ‘n More strive to provide that for each and every one of our valued customers. We use freshly ground spices, high-quality 100% halal meat, fresh vegetables, and whole grains in all of our dishes. 

At TURMERIC ‘N MORE, all of our dishes are high in fiber and proteins, while being low in carbohydrates, sodium, and fat. All this is to ensure that you can have the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, while enjoying the delectable taste and savory flavor of classic home-style Indian cooking.

TURMERIC ‘N MORE was created by Sadia Bukhari. Sadia is an experienced cook and instructor in East Indian culinary arts. Mrs. Bukhari began to learn the customary secrets and basics of Indian and Pakistani cuisine at an early age from her mother and family friends. In 1988, she presented her most authentic recipes in “Cuisine of India”, a video production filmed in Seattle. Mrs. Bukhari has taught her recipes at various culinary schools in Seattle. Mrs. Bukhari’s recipes have been featured in various cookbooks and periodicals over the years. 





In 2020, Mrs. Bukhari turned upon Chef Navi Mudaliar to help keep the legacy of her business to continue for years to come. In May 2020, Chef Navi Mudaliar and his mother, obtained the business. For the next 10 weeks, both Mrs. Bukhari team and Chef Navi’s team began to learn and work with one another to continue to provide healthy, affordable dishes and unmatched customer service.


Indian traditional foods are not only delicious, but also recognized as having the presence of body-healing chemicals, antioxidants, dietary fibers, and probiotics. These functional molecules help in weight management, blood sugar level balance, support immunity of the body and overall well-being.


TURMERIC ‘N MORE's promise that is dear to our hearts is to Cook with Love, Always!

Our promise is to continue to provide delicious Indian and Pakistani meals to our local community weekly while sharing the healthful benefits of this exceptional cuisine. 

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Chef Navi

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