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We Cook

Fully-cooked healthy meals
with high quality ingredients. 

Choose Your Meals

Rotating menu of 144
dishes every 12 weeks.

Delivery or Pickup

Food gets sent fresh,
never frozen

Eat & Repeat

Chill & Reheat

Refrigerate meals
& reheat in 3 minutes

Join our Loyalty Program
to redeem your points.

Order by 9 AM Wednesdays, delivery on Sundays between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Order minimum for delivery is $50, with $6.99 delivery fee + $4.99 bag deposit = $11.98

(bag fee waived for orders are over $120). On your next order, have your bag available for pick up so we can credit you the $4.99 bag deposit in the form of 100 loyalty points.

If you wish to avoid delivery fees, you can pick up at our kitchen in 5903 196TH Street SW, Lynnwood, WA 98036.

Indian Food

TURMERIC N' MORE makes weekly special dishes for you in our weekly menus.

We are committed to keeping your options FRESH & AUTHENTIC.


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Food Safety

We transport food to you in reusable bags with insulated heat-sealed water-resistant linings - so food integrity stays in tack during transit.


We are committed to supplying our customers with safe, high quality food products at all times


We use food grade gloves which contain materials that are labeled safe for food handling and packaging.

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